The Tour Tee basket at the @cathedral.invitational was a thing of beauty 😍

Teeing off the best way possible πŸ“ˆ

Nothing cooler than a @scottstallings πŸ’£

Proudly sent with @tour_tee ✈️



Socceroo and. Melbourne FC Superstar Andrew Nabbout lighting up his tee game πŸš€

#yourgamestartshere πŸ’£

That look you give your friend who's still on the fairway.

They should of got some Tour Tees 😏


Custom Tees by Tour Tee πŸ’Ž

1. Customise and promote your brand or organisation with a set of Custom Tees.
2. Sustainable and environmentally friendly
3. Add 12+ yards to your drive

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πŸ—―οΈ Fact: The drive is the most important shot in golf because it is the longest shot that most golfers will hit. The longer the distance that a golfer has to the green, the more challenging it will be to approach the green and make a good score. Therefore, a good drive can give the golfer a shorter distance to the green and make it easier to score well on the hole.

Lesson: Don't take your first shot for granted.

Crafted for performance. Easy on the eyes πŸ‘€

It's the little things that change games. Tour Tee is no different. Start each hole with optimal distance and choose Tour Tee.

Made from recycled plastics so we can keep our green’s green ♻️

Don’t dispose, reuse and keep for days to come ⛳️

Love the environment, love Tour Tee 🀘

@scottstallings did whaaaat?? 😱

He drives the green with a Tour Tee special and finishes it with something pretty πŸ¦…

@scottstallings making it look like easy πŸͺ„

What do you rate that view out of 10?! 🫠

That moment you should of got the Tour Tee out..

For those looking to choose distance and sustainability. Choose the #1 leading performance tee on the market.

New Year. New personal bests β›³

Let's make this year, our best golfing year yet βœ”οΈ

Thanks to all your continued support. It doesn't go unnoticed ✌️

Goodbye 2022. Hello 2023 πŸ‘‹

What golfing goals are you driving out this year?

@mikebrowne_golf24 teeing off in style at the @cathedral.invitational πŸ”₯

Great event to be a associated with πŸ™Œ

Merry Christmas from the team at Tour Tee πŸŽ„

May your festive drives be long and swings be merry.

When The King speaks we listen! πŸ‘‘

Hit some beautiful drives with help from Tour Tee. Make poetry with your swing and collect some extra distance on the way as well.

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