Less friction = more distance and control

It's not a mystery... it's science




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TOUR TEE revolutionises the golf tee.

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  • The Patented design reduces launch friction.
  • Less friction = more distance and more accuracy.
  • Add 12 + yards to your game.
  • Made with recycled plastics
  • Environmentally friendly
  • USGA and R&A Conforming
  • Groove Cleaner
  • Divot Tool
TOUR TEE products fanned out

Tour Tee Size Options

Tour TEETour TEE PROTour TEE Mini
3.15” Long3.15” Long1.75” Long
0.75” Cup Diameter0.55” Cup Diameter0.55” Cup Diameter

The TOUR TEE is an Australian owned and designed performance golf tee made using an innovative, co-moulded construction utilising durable recycled plastic.

The unique "cupped" top and stiff, sharpened tip make teeing up the ball extremely easy, even with hardened tee boxes. At 3.15” in length for the standard and Pro and 1.75” for the mini, the TOUR TEE works for all parts of your game.. Also conveniently doubles as a groove cleaner and divot repair tool, eliminating pocket clutter.

Virtually unbreakable, a single tee can last many rounds.